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‍Photo by: The American School of Protocol
‍Photo by: The American School of Protocol

Our Mission:

The Etiquette School of Refined Minds, Inc. is a Nonprofit organization dedicated in the task of instilling Good Manners, Values, and Moral Character within our young people today!

“Good manners will open doors that the best educations cannot.”

- Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice

Our Goal:

In today’s fast-past society, most families are not afforded the opportunity to have one stay-at-home parent. Longer work hours and extended school work decrease family time, making it more challenging for parents to find the time to engage in the home education of etiquette and civility with their children.

Our goal is to partner with parents to provide a hands-on approach to the etiquette of dining and assist children, teens, and young adults in their ability to master their knowledge of self-awareness and social civility. Students will grow to appreciate their good character qualities and concentrate on fully developing them; promoting courteous and considerate behavior toward others, especially teachers, classmates, parents, and siblings. Our minds have two visions… Memory and Imagination! Children are excited and enthusiastic when given the opportunity to utilize both visions successfully when faced with real-life situations, and during the elegant Five-Course Dinners.